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Alambik® Real-time rendering software
Alambik® Real-time rendering software
Alambik® products in the production work flow
Alambik® Script 4.0, the S.O.U.L. system, is the heart of the authoring platform. Among the 2000 natural commands available today, the state of the art AVO Formats and AVO Processing functions are ready to be set up in your text script with an infinity of combinations .

Alambik®Viewer Suite (client side software), interprets and generates the scene in real time, and gives you the possibility to interact with AVOs inside the scene.

Alambik®'s Original AVO CDRoms offers high quality online elements for your multi-content productions.

Alambik® authoring utilities complete the products suite, with a 3DSMAX plug-in exporter, and much more...
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Alambik® Software Products Quality Charter.

At Alambik Ltd, we strive to ensure the software products we develop and market are of the utmost standards. We endeavour to satisfy the users of our software products by the constant will to improve our products and a good understanding of our customers needs which comes from a ten years expertise in our field.

This Charter guaranties the following:

  • The Alambik® real-time rendering software products are signed (i.e. publisher authenticity verified) by VeriSign Commercial Software CA.

  • Alambik Ltd will always let you know before on-line updates of any Alambik® software product.

  • Alambik® installation programs always allow you to designate the local installation disk and directory.

  • Installation of Alambik® software products only copies files into the designated directory (except the screensaver module which will be installed into the Windows system).

  • None of your computer files, beside the Alambik® system files on updates, will be erased or replaced.

  • All Alambik® Software products come with an un-installation program.

  • None of the Alambik® software products send any personal information during the installation or after (except licence protection systems and keys which may be checked by Alambik Ltd).
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